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  1. Don't we have the technology to put Green and Hayes side by side and see who is the fastest? Or, don't stop there….set it up with all 10 and compare

  2. Ok ..in this poll they arent talking gold medal fast. They're taking FOOTBALL fast! So I agree with D.G. being #1. I want to see D.G. and Bullet pad up.and race goal line to goal line. Thats the only way to answer this question. Under those conditions….im taking Darrel. On the track….no contest…Bob would blow Darrels doors off but fully padded on the field…nope.

  3. This isn’t the fastest lists, it’s the best players who were fast, they literally said Chris Johnson was only 10 because of his career decline, how does that make him not as fast?

  4. Hey NFL films: update, please. As previously mentioned, Tyreek Hill is a must-add. Also: anyone else think Santana Moss should be in the top 10? Man, that guy could blaze , , , , , ,

  5. Who ever made this list need they ass whooped! Michael Vick was way too low. Nobody could tell how fast Joey Galloway was because he didn’t look fast and he wasn’t that good. Randy Moss should’ve been number one!

  6. Jim Thorpe, arguably the best American athlete of all time he ran the 100 yard dash 9.8 Olympic gold metal. The fastest football player on the field ever to date.

  7. 100 yard dash times best other than football. The current men's world record is 9.58 seconds, set by Jamaica's Usain Bolt in 2009, while the women's world record of 10.49 seconds set by American Florence Griffith-Joyner in 1988 remains unbroken.

  8. Combine compared to actual R/T field time is a joke. I personally have never seen a guy run in a straight line for 100 yards down the field for a TD. Champ Bailey INT against the Patriots was close but Watson caught him at the 2 yard line. The Watson run was probably the greatest i ever saw. And no one catches Jerry Rice on that West Coast slant once he gets going.

  9. Bob Hayes should be number 1, just because Green was fast for a long time doesn’t mean he was faster than someone who did track

  10. Tyreek Hill would be top 3 had he been in the NFL before this list was made, that dude is literally unstoppable.

  11. For all yall who dont think darrell green isnt number 1 look this up
    Tony dorsett said he ran a 4.28 40 yard dash and darrell green caught him from way behind! To catch some from behind you have to be faster then that person

  12. I'm happy Bo came from my high school. Hate his injury messed him up..

    You wanna know something crazy every time we go to State Bo Jackson. right there giving a motivational speech just for us to go out in lose to some Super tall ass Athletes..

  13. No devin Hester donte hall Az hakim so many more… They picked who they like… Moss should’ve never made top ten

  14. Are you a failed comedian who knows next to nothing about football and can watch 30 minutes of the greatest players and comment without saying anything remotely insightful, relevant or entertaining…then NFL films has a job for you! Straight fast homie!

  15. Gayle sayers.. rocket ishmael.. Bo !!! And laterally marshall faulk was a nightmare!!! My father was pretty fast too…lol 100 yrdsin 9,8 or so.

  16. Funny you put Bo J in there. And guess who out sprinted him easily, Travis Jervy ( Yea he is wht) an Olympic sprinter. You also overlooked J Riggens who ran sub 10 second 100meter dash. Don Bebe.. Why did you pick only black players is the better question?

  17. Ted Ginn Jr . “ he’s the fastest man I’ve seen in a pair of cleats since Bullet Bob Hayes “ ~ Brent Musburger

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