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today we’re going to take a look at the best World Cup footballs ever made taking every ball all the way back from 1990 turn the pitch to give them a good shooting session and tell me out abroad name because as he says he likes to play with balls so you go figure that out now we’re gonna rake the balls in four different categories speed movement curl and reliability and of course it’s probably also gonna be a little bit of nostalgia involved so without further ado let’s kick some balls number five is the adidas trickle or from the France tournament in 1998 it had a new construction way it was equipped with a synthetic foam layer that had better compression and thus it had a more explosive rebound feeling to it when you hit it the ball here is both soft and fast giving it a very interesting mix between the old-school 32 panel construction with a very funny sensation at the same time being more responsive than traditional footballs work and of course is also one of the most beautiful World Cup footballs to ever be make and they did I rated it like this now before is the adidas even over from 2002 which is another stunner in the looks department I mean look at it guys it was made to be even more responsive than the treacle law and her actually these gas-filled micro cells engineered into the form itself to make sure that the pool wasn’t as soft anymore and that it didn’t absorb too much power in order to maximize your efforts and the power of your shot when you hit it and what you get is a pole that is very very fast and it feels a little bit lighter despite being in the heavier side of the scale but because the foam was also engineered to make the pull more precise when you hit it right and you really connect with it you get a proper rocket that actually has a pretty true flight pattern the verdict that comes in in third place it gets a little bit difficult because actually we couldn’t decide so we decided to cheat and bring in both balls the adidas Jabulani from 2010 and yeah DDoS bazooka from 2014 now the Jabulani here is perhaps the most well-known and most iconic but also the most controversial football ever made for the World Cup because of its completely random and unpredictable movement it was made with eight panels that was spherically molded together and blue together the process called thermal bonding and also it featured these here air grooves to make it even more stable in yet now the air crews didn’t do that well of a job because what you got was speed unpredictability for days and perhaps the best knuckle effect ever seen in the game I mean Georgia with the Jabulani back in the days was absolute filth now on the other hand we have to pursue him which was made with an even more stable bladder and a completely different moon clip the surface to it and while it was still pretty fast it was also way more stable than the Jabulani which is something that most footballers really like in the end though we couldn’t decide unpredictability a lot of fun or a stable ball so you decide here are the points second place goes out to the auditors Telstar 8t from this year’s World Cup where added us women and they really improved the panel design by having bigger and flatter sides and also a thicker bladder to make the ball even more stable while maintaining that responsive fast sensation that you got in the brazuca and it’s a great football it has a nice weight to it it still feels rather fast and it’s also pretty reliable at least for an added as football because I should know they’ve always been rather lively but both made and I like it though and the points show that as well Murano ball mentions Nate and I and back in time and have some fun with the added asset trisko from 1919 and the Questor from 1994 and we both really like the question a lot more because it’s lighter it’s faster and it feels a lot more responsive than the Atrisco did because it really feels like a proper old-school Bowl it’s heavier and it doesn’t you know doesn’t fly as fast through the game now of course that has its charm but for the modern game Nate and I really would prefer the question every day of the week but for us the best ball is the adidas teamgeist from 2006 now instead of using the traditional 32 panel construction adding us made this using 14 thermal binding panels that were glued together as the first World Cup all ever to increase the roundness and you know spherical capabilities of the pool and also to reduce the water intake and what you got was a pool that is fast and when I say fast I mean proper fast it had an incredible power distribution all over the ball to make it insanely responsive and it also provided a good amount of movement if you hit it hard and to enough of course it’s by no means the most reliable football ever in any way but it’s one of the funniest footballs off the lot to play with and of course it also brings back the feels and I say the points show that [Music] so there you go my friends what is in our opinion the best work of footballs ever made especially when it comes to shooting what do you think is the best work of football ever both in terms of performance but of course also in terms of look and nostalgia well as always you should let us know in the comment section right down below and also don’t forget that if you want to get your own Telstar World Cup 18 football for the current World Cup well you can go and grab it by clicking the link right over then go to unisport or calm now if you want to learn some cool World Cup skills you can go and do that by clicking the video right down there and finally don’t forget to go subscribe to our channel to join the Union spooled live family with the notifications on of course to see all our latest awesome videos the second they drop well that’s it guys signing off cheerio [Music]

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