Tracking Cougar Opponents on BYUSN 10.28.19

Tracking Cougar Opponents on BYUSN 10.28.19

most Mondays, tracking the opponents presented by BYU food to go.>>Utah state lost. Pathetic! The had the ball for 15 minutes. It’s down to a four point favorite.>>Liberty had a five point game winning streak at Rutgers. At least the flames got paid a million dollars. Flames fall to 5-3 and take on UMass.>>Idaho state lost at southern Utah.>>Speaking of UMass, they lose to another eastern power, UConn with one win teams. Liberty’s going to get bowl eligible.>>San Diego state beat UNLV 20-17. San Diego state 7-1, ranked 25. I’m not sure how I feel about this. They don’t even have a friend hwo can make a fake id. Utah, the pac 12 south is wide open.>>Now to the opponents BYU has already played. Utes crack into the top ten, Zak moss 115 yards and 2 touchdowns. Now they have to go to the huskies.>>Talent gap, will it ever be competitive?>>If Utah loses…>>The big Orange plays uab. They needed to get past the ranked.>>I hope Utah loses every game for the remainder of the Earth’s history.>>Trojans now 5-3 and still sit atop the pac 12 south divsion. They host Oregon this weekend. I would love nothing more–>>the best shot. I want Oregon to win out. Go to the playoff.>>I’m in favor of chaos.>>But chaos might benefit Utah!>>They’re off a bye week. Toledo snaps a tow game losing streak barely with a win over eastern Michigan and they have a bybe week.>>South Florida beats Carolina. Bulls have a bye week.>>Boise state moves up one spot after a bye week. A beneficial bye week. Broncos go to San Jose

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  1. "Will it ever be competitive" Washington got a FG and a pick 6 in the title game. Utah's record against Washington isn't great but they're not 0-9.

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