Trent Alexander Arnold delivers rousing transfer message to Liverpool as he eyes captaincy

you friend Alex our burn Arnall has no
interest in ever leaving Liverpool as he want to become a club legend and one day
take uber prom Jordan Henderson as the club captain Liverpool fans kappa when’s
glover room for lock a layer to make it at Anfield and established themselves as
the club regular stephen garage is the most high-profile flyer in Western
Europe to have right in himself in Liverpool for claw after and
illustrations career at the club having grown but a fan of the rest step mecca
McManaman robbie follower and feel Thomson have also amount of spot to land
now to have full on bleep you Jesse helping hired from the city but Alex are
are not is the new boy on the block and he has and he has already made who cares
to be well among the list of clip grids the 21 steps odd is not something on
very one of the crystal he want to be in the exclusive company of Liverpool
legend I have always wanted to be a legend for his club he points to a
disrespectful spot late but despite his 10 years Alex are a lot has already
amazing opera 17 two caps for Liverpool and has established himself as one of
the world best right big that consists several a puro big-ass club test test
whether in the world who tour to see whether they called him him with a mob
away from his boyhood club but the Liverpool Academy Prada has no intention
to ever leave the club as he want to stay with the club until today he
retires win details play as many games as possible win games
and he added you cannot become a legend if you live to fly for someone else so
my focus lies there are to make the club successful as possible
Alakazam Arnaud has already experienced firsthand how the City celebrates am I
already been pardoned on bus after winning the thousand and I’d in Chamonix

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