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  1. OMG. I remember watching this live when I was 15. I remember being so excited to see Lofton in CF for the first time. I remember BEING there about a month later to watch Andruw Jones hit a walk off against the Padres. Thank you for the video!

  2. True fan my friend! I grew up in Georgia and still live here, we get the games in our local channel lineup. But if I were in your situation I would do the exact same! GO BRAVES!!

  3. Man, Turner Field looked so vanilla then…the championship banners are missed. And I remember them calling it Turner Stadium in some preopening stuff.

  4. Ahhhh, the heart of the steroid era. Yup, baseball was so much better back then when half the league was hitting 50 HR a year.

  5. I was actually at that game, sitting in right field. It was actually pretty hot. Weird to see how many changes have happened at the Ted since it opened.

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  7. funny it was Derek jeter vs tom Glavine and the first pitch being a strike looking as how jeter was a rookie of the year in1996

  8. 1st pitch ever in this stadium was a strike by Glavine thrown to Jeter..last years Rookie of the Year!  This is some fine Atlanta/New York History!  Ty

  9. I like how the stadium was basic back then and now it's so advanced even the screen in the outfield and so much more goes on

  10. And in 2017…… This stadium will be gone. This is crazy how this stadium is going to be 20 years old and already be torn down. I am a Redskins Fan and we are going through the same thing of moving out of FedEx Field where Snyder already wants to move out of Landover.

  11. I still don't get why there moving though after only twenty years there. A waste of money. The fans still show up to the games on the weekends it's full. Even when the team is loosing. I take it it's the city's fault that there moving or somebody tell me the story.

  12. There was a bigger crowd on hand for this spring training game than there was for most of the playoff games that were played at Turner Field

  13. I remember watching this game with my at the time girlfriend, Samantha. I was a junior in high school. The happiest days of my life. Wonderful memories

  14. I can not believe they are already leaving this park?  Like WHAT THE FUCK?!  My happiest childhood memories were from the time when they had the 1996 summer Olympics here.  Look music was actually good back then and exciting to watch new videos tv and alternative rock cds sold.  Then they stopped selling not because of technology but because music suddenly sucked forever.  So it's kinda a shame to see this stadium go so quickly since they used it for the Atlanta summer games in August.  But then again they didn't use it for baseball until 1997 and maybe the new stadium for 2017 will bring them better luck in the playoffs.

  15. I know Turner Field is a better stadium but I still miss Fulton County Stadium.  Went to a handful of games there as a kid.  Don't like that Turner Field is being left so quickly.

  16. 0:43 – "the defending world champions" how the F### can they be world champions when they don't play in a world championship!!!!! sounds so f###ing stupid when they say that lol

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