Understanding American Football : What Are Defensive Backs in Football?

Understanding American Football : What Are Defensive Backs in Football?

Hi my name is Kenny Saylors. I’m here on expertvillage.com
to teach you how to understand the great game of American football. So anyhow, okay so these
guys will be the defensive line and then we have at least three players line up as what
we call defensive backs. You have safeties and corner backs. So corner backs are out
here and they cover the wide receiver. Remember the wide receiver out here. Well corner backs
play exact opposite of the wide receiver. Again, there is the line of scrimmage – not
the straightest line – but they cover directly there. Safeties hang out here and they kind
of cover the different areas that are being are being thrown to. And, their primary purpose
defensive backs as corner backs and as safeties their primary objective of the whole game
for them is to stop passes from being completed. Okay, that is their main objective and but
on occasion they do rush the quarterback. There are some plays where they’ll do a –
they’ll blitz, which means you go straight in and they’ll go boom. Now of course the
danger of this is it leaves open your wide receivers or you have line backers who go
cover. There’s tons of different ways. There are so many different plays to do on that.
I’m just giving you an example right now. I’m just showing you the basics of it instead
of getting into all the nitty gritty like that. So these are corner backs. So your corner
backs, these are your defensive linemen, your safety. These are considered your defensive

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  1. can the cornerbacks block the wide receivers at the line of scrimmage? or do they have to leave them alone until they get the ball?

  2. sooo just so i dont make a fool of myself, defensive backs consist of both safety and quarter backs?
    im just a little confused :s

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