UNT 101: UNT Union 2013 (Construction Schedule)

UNT 101: UNT Union 2013 (Construction Schedule)

university union master plan tour activate goodbye this is the university of north texas
campus as you know it today but over the next two years the union will be
renovated to better accommodate the larger UNT community Around May, construction fences will
start appearing around campus these mark the sites for the dance and
theater building on bernard st the temporary food pavilion and temporary
bookstores along welch street the fences will be
placed around the old church of christ prior to demolition next the vacant church of christ building
will be demolished in june construction will start on the
new modular buildings for the college of visual arts and design, Texas Fashion
Collection Counseling and higher education dance and theatre, the bookstore, and dining area. Also in june fences will be put up
around the union to mark the construction while the union is still in use
there will be four main gates for safe entry and exit located on the north and south
side of the union circle the north side by Sage Hall and the
south Scoular Hall meanwhile there will be minor upgrades in
stovall to accommodate union administration and student organizations starting in august Scoular Hall will be safely ebated and demolished by the end of the summer the Union will be empty and ready for construction the bookstore and dining area fully operational and the new modular buildings readyfor students Fast forward to the summer of 2015, and this is what area will look like visit union.unt.edu/masterplan for all the latest information

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