UVA Football…On the Right Track?

UVA Football…On the Right Track?

And I think there’s probably a false
narrative that in order to do well in football, you have to compromise
academics, and that’s not true. UVA has a long history that has been up
and down and when it comes to football and so our effort is to be consistently
competitive. We’ve got some work to do when it comes to what the program needs on a daily basis — so weight rooms, sports medicine, locker rooms…we’ll be looking to upgrade. I’ve heard him say that before I think
that what’s important is to listen to all of his comments because I think he
put them into context. I think what a lot of people probably missed is the fact
that, you know, athletes are competitive and coaches look for ways to help
athletes be competitive. So, whatever the number is in May, we hope that it’s more
in July, and as we get to the beginning of the season, we hope that a lot more
players are ready to compete consistently at the ACC level. I think
his players, his coaches, and obviously recruits respect the fact
that he is a great coach who cares about his players and wants to compete. Being a former student athlete, I always wanted my coaches to tell me the truth. I wanted to be the best that I could be. The only way to do that is to be honest. I think that places like Virginia have a
leg up because academics here is so important and the student athletes
already have a strong interest in making sure that they do well
academically. And so of course there’s a balance there, and I think that Coach has
done a good job expressing that to recruits and their parents. And you don’t
have to compromise anything, and I think that it’s unfortunate that there’s a
perception that in order to do well in football, you you don’t do well
academically, and I think there are places across the country that prove
that’s wrong…Michigan, Stanford, Northwestern… I believe Virginia can be in the top 10.
We’ve got some work to do because it requires all sports to help with that,
including football and some of our other sports that have not done well
traditionally. But facilities, coaching, recruiting, administrative
support…All of those things play a role in that. I love it. I really do; it’s everything
that I expected. The coaches are phenomenal; the staff here is excellent.
Charlottesville is is similar to Athens, Georgia. Music, food…it’s beautiful

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