Vachu Seivom – Water Service Prank | Tamil Prank | Katta Erumbu

Vachu Seivom – Water Service Prank | Tamil Prank | Katta Erumbu

What to be so anger for a thief ? go and get it fast! and come here no bruh! my dad is resting somewhere, let him flush it and come hey! it seems like funeral vehicle at the graveyard dude… Why bruh! Why so violence? You just Heck off … and call your owner I said see there, there’s a dog !!! ride it Take care of you and your family man ( irrespective manner ) why the hell are you use irrespective words? who the hell recruited you both useless I’m useless means, what about you? what did you said? ( SMASH ) Oh my God Oh my God I’ll smash both of you chick heads ok ok, laid your hands huh? yep! what can you do? chick heads laid your hands no? lay something else? ok ok ok… get your vehicle and go man! Man? huh… Man? huh… ok ok ok leave it! Listen to me don’t tempt my patience ( FUNNY MEME ) Do I look like a Man? oh sorry grandpa! Grandpa? Who is that man … who is he.. why he is dying fo me? ( MOVIE DIALOGUE) Why are you so angry? because of you both! he does not look like he is angry, he looks like a begger who is hungry! (LOL) full serviece huh? brother! yep Oh.. ok ok Do you have your driving license sir? License huh? why are you asking for my license? Not only you Brother, we chck every vehicle drivers. Owner asked us to check it! Clean the dust dude! Dust cleaning huh? yep! First dust cleaning. how? from the front huh? yep from the top to bottom, all the portions Brother, you just don’t disturb our workers brother. We will take care of it from now! the service will be genuine why do you use this broom? Brother! Brother, You just leave it brother. Don’t disturb them! you know! what are you doing Brother? It’s just usual dust cleaning before the cleanig brother It’s so new for me to see such silly things, I’ve never seen things like this yet! ( trying to stop ) Brother leave it brother, Listen to me Let him Clean it Bruh! Don’t disturb him No brother you should not do this! It’s nothing just a broom brother, it can be used to clean everything everywhere All the dust inside will be cleaned Then we will water wash the car! hello Ji! ( Tell him what happened yesterday ) yesterday a minister came with his car I said him MANTHIRI ENTHIRI ( rhyme word humor ) Enthiri – get off suddenly, he got down from his car But you are not so kind like him! decent person like you are not so kind! Dust cleaning ends You finished it right? Then put that floor mob on it. Timing chain is damaged (correct uh) seat cover shoud be changed! Exactly!! Engine volve is jumping Does it ingest? Does it ingest? hey its jumping out of it dude! (LOL) What did you said! it’s jumping out of it Do you know the spare part shop’s location? Just water wash it brother! wait! wait! wait! wait!
(PUMPING) wait! wait! wait! wait!
(PUMPING) (PUMPING) Brother! this bike has been used for other reasons! it’s so damaged It seems not like working. you guys are having fun with my bike Bike is damaged brother Body of the vehicle is so damaged! what brother! what he is doing what he is doing is not fair! …is not fair! … let him know brother Water wash only, not anything else brother! ask him to do the work alone, than doing his silly stuffs we’ll refill the air and we’ll deliver you like a new vehicle repair work wil be done so genuinely I don’t need the things that your saying just a water serviece is enough for me! I’m just saying all these for the sake of your goodness I know what is good for me and what are not! I’ve been driving this for years so I know! you just shutup. does it look like a vehicle? then what? how does it seems like? Mind your words MAN! It looks like a dead body carrying van the way you talk to me is like a boss to me! what are you having in your mind? hey! it’s a funeral serviece vehicle dude! How can you say like that? dead bodies will be taken by this vehicle How dare you? ok ok ok I was wrong all you say is wrong from the beginning What’s your work? If your work is servicing the vehicle means you have to do it! Other than that why are you teasing and making fun about the vehicle who the hell are you to say these stuff!

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  1. Annaeee 🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣Top Notch 🤩🤩😂😂😂😂😂neengaley Thodarnthu panlam pola irukke 😘😂😂😂😂erangi pannirukinga vera level la Irukka 🥺🥺😘😘😘😘proud of you my dear Annanaeee ❤❤❤😘😘😘😘😘😘go-ahead 🤝🙏😘❤

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  3. தல நா பல prank வீடியோ பாத்து௫க But இந்த வீடியோ சூப்பர் bro வாழ்த்துகள்

  4. காட்டெரும்பு தொடர்ந்து மக்களை சிரிக்க வைக்க வேண்டும். காட்டெரும்பு குழுவிற்கு நன்றியுடன் வாழ்த்துக்கள்.

  5. It’s like funny 😂 And awesome prank
    Move on nxt level bro
    Hardwork never ever failed
    Keep it up
    Congratulations and all the best for you future prank shows …….❤️

  6. Brother ultimate panni erukinga. 10.10 John Cena verithanam 🤣🤣 7.47 ena bro footboard la adikuringa. Vera level. 👏👍

  7. Avan avan vandiyaa uyir maathiri paathukuraan….
    Avan uyir koodaiye vilaadriyae yaa🤣🤣🤣😅🤣😅🤣

  8. Naanum ithunaal vara niraiya prank video parthuruken. But ithu semmaya irunthuchu pakka romba virumbi parthen.

    Innum ithu mathiri niraiya pudhu pudhu concept la niraiya video podunga

    I like kattaerumbu channel.

  9. Stalin brother 😂😂😂 yeppah saami mudiyala semma siripppu 😂😂😂 yenna brother ipadi adi vaangurainga😂😂😂 and your acting vera level, konjam kooda bayamey ilaama mass ah nadichurukainga😂😂😂

  10. Stalin bro really awesome… Verithanamana counters 🔥. Ultimate fun bro… Keep up the good work. Expecting more videos from you.

  11. Bro na utubela lesila comment panradhu illa but indha video enna comment panna vachitu brooo…. Avalo superrr iruku…I dun no y this channel did not came in ny recommendation for a long time.. Keep going bro awesome video… Really enjoyed 😂😂👌👌

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