Vardy Visits Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha Memorial Garden As Progress Continues

Vardy Visits Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha Memorial Garden As Progress Continues

So, Jamie, we’re heading over then to King Power Stadium, you’ve just
been training this morning. You’re seeing the memorial garden for the first time,
it’s not quite finished yet, for Khun Vichai. How are you feeling?I think it’ll be really nice to see it. To be fair, I was told earlier that
they’ve been working on it for 21 days straight to make sure it’s all ready, so I’m looking forward to seeing it and obviously thanking
the people that have done it in memory of Vichai.So, Jamie, when you come along here, presumably on a
matchday and any other time you come to King Power Stadium,
and you pass the two pictures of
Khun Vichai, what does it say to you?
It just says basically what we all know – we know that he’s always
going to be there looking down on us and wanting us to fight, because that’s the main thing that he wanted from his players on
matchdays – to fight and to win. This picture just sums Khun Vichai up perfectly, he was always there with a smile, always having a laugh and a joke with you when he
came into the dressing room before games – he’d always be there laughing and joking. This picture really does just sum what a man he was.I think what you say about the changing room is fascinating about
Khun Vichai because I can imagine that in the dressing room,
it’s very much a football environment and you want to be focused before the game.
I can’t imagine there are many other chairmen, or owners of football clubs,
around the country that would allow their chairman and owner in
the dressing room before the game, but for you guys, you welcomed it.
Yes, for us, it was just the norm. That’s how Khun Vichai was – he
always wanted to come in and be around the lads before the game. He was always shaking everyone’s hands. We’d have the monks come in and bless
us on occasions and that was part of us taking his culture and his religion as well. He was really proud of us doing that, and that’s one of
the main reasons why he wanted to be around us all.You’ve just met all the workers that are here and
you’ve seen the garden, what’s your first impression?
It’s looking unbelievable. They’ve just shown me pictures what it was
like when they started 21 days ago – to see what’s gone up already is amazing and I can’t wait to see the end product on Sunday.As you’ve referenced, the amount of hard work that’s gone into it already,
there’s been people here day in, day out now for, as you said, 21 days.
It’s looking fantastic, as you said, compared
to what it was just three weeks ago.
Yes, I’ve just had a chat with a couple of them and they said that they
were working that late that they were even using the lights on their phones to make sure they could get bits of work done. It’s full credit to them,
because they’ve had a tight schedule to get it all done, so like I said, I’m really looking forward to seeing what it’s like on Sunday.It’s already looking fantastic, I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like on Sunday.
It’s going to create such a fantastic legacy and memorial space for Khun Vichai, isn’t it?
Yes, 100 per cent. Once it’s finished, you know full well it’s going to be
packed out with people coming to look here and paying their respects. It’ll be here for years and years to come, and that’s what we wanted. We want to
carry on that legacy that Khun Vichai wanted and this is definitely part of that.How important do you think that legacy is and would have been to
Khun Vichai, because he brought so much, not just to Leicester City Football Club,
but to Leicester as a whole and Leicestershire as a whole… It can’t be
underestimated what he’s done for this area.
No, not at all. Like you say, he gave so much to the Football Club and the
city – everyone involved throughout the city. He never wanted anything back, he didn’t want the gratitude for it. It was just because he wanted to do it for the charities,
he didn’t want it to be known as Khun Vichai who donated the £2M to the hospital. He just thought that that was the best thing to help people out in Leicester,
and that’s just how he was as a person. He really, really was generous, like I’ve just said, to the city, but deep down, he was a really,
really lovely guy and that’s one thing we can always say. We had the best times with him because he always made
us smile and he brought us into be, literally, part of his family.That selflessness was so incredible, as you’ve talked about. He wasn’t
bothered about the gratitude and neither is Khun Top now.
In the same way you saw the tributes outside King Power Stadium when the accident
happened a year ago, it saw the wide-ranging impact it had on so many people.
Yes, like you say, with the tributes from when the accident did happen, it wasn’t
just people from Leicester either. It was literally the full football community, and I think a lot of that just shows the respect that he did have
for the job that he was doing as a chairman. If I’m being honest, I think it’s probably because a lot of the clubs would have like to have had him
as chairman. You don’t see it everyday that when someone is that involved with the Club, and he’s really passionate and happy about it,
that it pays dividends for the Club.How much of an impact do you think he still has on your life?He has literally the most amount you could possibly think of. If it wasn’t for
Khun Vichai in the first place, I wouldn’t have even been playing at Leicester. To carry on that journey with him that we’ve had over the years has been
very good for myself, but for the Club as well, as well as the other players. To know that he had the faith in myself, and the rest of the lads
who were here, everyone wanted to repay him as best as we can, and I think that’s what got the best out
of us on the football field as well.And now there’s this permanent memorial garden for him that
at any time, any fans, even of other clubs can come down to.
You can come down at any point you want
to just pay your respects whenever you need to.
Yes, definitely, and that can only be a good thing. Obviously, it’s somewhere where
we can now say that this is Khun Vichai’s garden, we want to be paying our respects. Like you’ve just said, it’s not just Leicester fans, it’s opposition fans when they come here.
They can come and have a look round and obviously see what’s going on. The garden itself will show you what type
of person Khun Vichai was.Now, moving forward with Khun Top at the reins, he’s just continuing
his father’s legacy, isn’t he? What’s he like to work with?
He’s exactly the same as Khun Vichai and I think it helps Top that he was always here with
Khun Vichai on a daily basis when it was either visiting us at training or during the games. He’s just doing exactly the same as his father did. He’s in the dressing
room, he’s got a smile on his face and he’s wanting us to fight. I think you saw, especially with the last game [against Burnley], it was a game
to remember Khun Vichai for us at home. Getting the result, I think it was the reaction of Khun Top on one of the
videos that showed you how much it meant to him.

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  4. I always drive past the KP on my way to work every morning. Whenever I see those 2 pictures of Khun Vichai I always find myself singing the ‘Vichai Had A Dream’ song 💙🦊

  5. What a wonderful fitting tribute to a wonderful kind human being and credit to Mr Vardy for taking the time to visit the pre-finished memorial garden, A lovely video and thanks to all who made it. I will be visiting the garden in Dec. Love to all

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  7. Greatest club in the world for many reasons.
    There’s so many so called bigger clubs that would love to be like Leicester.

  8. You know what Jamie you are a fantastic ambassador for Leicester city we love you and your family and thanks for being so loyal to the Leicester city family will respect till Leicester till I die and after hope you all have a great life cheers Dave the blue .

  9. First LCFC game in 1964, lived in Thailand for 15 years, nice to get up and see they won 0-9. Vichai was the best of Thailand, kind, generous and humble.

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  11. As an Arsenal fan I wish we could have a majority owner like him who actually cared about the club and didn't see it an opportunity to make more money. R.I.P

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  15. The motives of foreign owners in English football are usually mysterious if not downright baffling. With the LFC owner, it was clearly a way to promote a brand globally. Nothing wrong with that and the family were quite open about it. But the way they have invested not only in the club, but the Leicester area as well is quite remarkable. Man City have spent loads in the city, but it's all been for the club's benefit ultimately. The late Leicester owner was clearly a remarkable man and it's apparent how much affection the players had for him. Players are very cynical and generally suspicious of chairmen. Not the Leicester players. Vardy attracts a lot of hostility, but I think his respect in this clip is admirable. Good luck to Leicester, from a Rangers fan (always followed you since big Jock was your manager!!!).

  16. Me as some neutral epl fan, really thankful for Vichai for making the impossible possible, for making epl more exciting to watch and we might even see them to break the 'Big 6' this season.

    Thank You Mr.Vichai again, from a Malaysian fan.

  17. He could see his team in the heaven and protects his player. I truly respect him with no doubt. Love Vichai the Chair Man.

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  24. Newcastle fan here. Leicester City FC is the people's club. On and off the pitch every football fan has the utmost respect for everything you do. Wish you all the best for the rest of this season and hopefully we'll be here to play you again next season

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