Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha: 1958-2018

Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha: 1958-2018

It’s suddenly got very serious because the helicopter took off
from here about five minutes ago whilst we were live on air You would’ve seen it taking off as we headed into our previous
advert break…the helicopter has crashed. It has crashed in the Club car park, just outside the window here.
We were on air, we heard a commotion, no news on casualties, no news on who was in the helicopter, nothing has been confirmed,
but the helicopter came down in the car park a few moments ago It doesn’t feel real, but again, the City comes together. We had a
really happy occasion and this is a really sad occasion. I hope and pray we have a happy one again. You took us to the top of the mountain, (pause)
and we’ll always remember. I wore a scalf to every single game in that 15/16 season.
It has never been washed since, but today I’ve given it back to the Club and to him because it is the only thing I could
do really to give him for all that he gave to me. Just about where I am standing now, is where I celebrated
the night of the 2nd May. We had the glory and now we have got the tragedy and those two elements coming
together is just extraordinary emotional. This is where we gathered in the best of times and
this is where we’re gathering now. Seeing all of the messages, flowers, shirts, outside of the
stadium this week, shows the amount of lives he touched. He leaves behind a legacy that will be remembered forever. It’s been a really tough week for everyone, but I think the
way everyone at the Club has handled themselves I think is testament to the family that Khun Vichai built. I knew Vichai as a man who cared deeply about his family
and also about his community. Of course he was a man of wealth, but that wealth did not leave him disconnected
from those around him. He believed in giving back. All Khun Top gave me was support, for the first time in his life
he is without his father, he’s made decisions without his father, he’s been so courageous and brave throughout the whole
process and that really was clear to see, so he’s given me all the all the support I’ll ever need.

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  1. คิดถึงคุณวิชัย รักคุณวิชัย รักเลสเตอร์..สู้ๆเลสเตอร์ ขอให้ติด 1ใน3 we hope top3 for khun vichai goooo lcfc from me in thailand..

  2. rest in peace. I'm hoping that leicester go on to win a second premier league title while vichai watches over them. coming from an ebbsfleet fan.

  3. This was a very sad day. He was a great man that a lot for the club, the city of Leicester and its community. He didn't make the Impossible Possible. He made the Impossible a Reality. His spirit lives on.

  4. Hope that Leicester go on to win premier league again. Never forgotten. Rest in peace Vichai.. 💔 #fairytalesneverdie

  5. I am a LFC fan, and this is a huge tragedy. All my thoughts and prays with LCFC and Vichai's family. R.I.P Vichai

  6. I pray for you Mister President ..
    Forever in my heart ….
    An big kiss for the family from Italy ..❤🇮🇹🇹🇭

  7. R.I.P Srivaddhanaprabha.

    Just think; without him you would not have been nearly where you are now. Well done on your 9-0 triumph on his death weekend anniversary. Just remember, he was watching that from heaven. He saw it all. He would be proud.

  8. Requiescat in pace, Mr. Srivaddhanaprabha. This man has set the standards very high, for what it means to be a good club owner.
    I wish you Foxes good fortune and a successful future – you are an enrichment to the Premier League!
    Greetings from a Kaiserslautern fan.

  9. That week was amazing, he arranged for the fans to go to a trampoline park and he did alot for us. My dad and I said we have the best owners and that was the day we lost him. He made my childhood ten times better than it would've been. Thank you Vichai, making the impossible possible 🦊🦊😪💙

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  11. เรารักเลสเตอร์

  12. He was the reason Leicester City can now break into the record books. RIPE (Rest in peace eternally) Sir Vichai. As a Real Madrid and a Liverpool fan, my salutes to him

  13. The people who dislike this video honestly need to sort themselves out. This was such a sad occasion, what about it makes it worth a dislike. Rethink your actions
    R.I.P Khun Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha and the 4 others who tragically lost their lives that day.

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