So what’s one of the biggest mistakes
that I see a lot of young throwers make? They practice this and when you
do this one thing all the time, it carries over into your
throw and it’s no good. And we’re going to talk about what
to do, how to avoid it in this video. Check it out Hey everybody, Erik Johnson from
Arete Throws Nation. And in today’s YouTube video, we’re going to discuss a
couple of simple tips and I’m joined by, discus thrower, Jason Harrell. He has a 65’ 48” meter PR, ranked, 23rd in the world in 2018. So today
Jason is going to help me out. We’re going to go through a couple of
things and one of the big things that we want young throwers or throwers in general
to understand is when you’re training, don’t finish the throw. But before we get to the finish
and not finishing the throw, we’re just going to kind of walk
through and I wanted to just show young throwers what walking
through the throw means. So we kind of do this and we refer to, we hit our six pillars and you’re going
to notice as Jason kind of walks through to hit and go through from start
to finish from his one to six, we’re going to kind of
watch how he’s moving, how he thinks about the throw and
how he’s controlling position. So many times I see young throwers
and young coaches and they’re, basically doing the wrong thing. So what I’m going to do is have Jason
kind of set up and the first thing we’re going to kind of do is, we’ll walk through and we’ll kind of
show Jason as he sets up his “pillar 1”. So that’s our wind and that’s where
we have a ton of things going on. But you’re going to notice one of the
core things that’s going to help him set up his throw is staying centered. And
that’s one of the recommendations we meet. Eliminate movement, stay
centered on the windup. We’ll create better tension and stretch
reflex. Okay, so Jason’s going to go, so you’re going to notice
how Jason stays up. You stay centered and notice
that little swing, right? So I’m going to have him do that one more
time and watch when he winds and you’re going to notice his body
kind of sling back forward. And that’s what we’re trying to do. We’re trying to set up the right
tension so that he can create the right movement into his “pillar 2”. So
I’ll have Jason go to his “pillar two”. So that’s his one. And then I’ll
have him just kind of do his thing. But you’re going to notice how when he
focuses on that he’s moving his hips this way, he’s keeping his arm extended. I want him to keep his arm a little
bit more here to take a little bit of a longer path, but you’re going to
notice the position of his sweep leg. He’s moving the right side, the
sweep leg side with the entry side. So everything’s moving out and
around the axis. So Jason, we’ll see. We’ll have Jason go to a “pillar
three”; so he’ll go to his three. And one of the things about Jason’s throw
we talked about is that he has a little bit of a narrower sweep and that’s
just kind of indicative to his style. And so it is an important point
that we want a wider sweep. But for him and the things we worked on, the narrower sweep was just
something we work on that. We don’t want to change
his throw too much. So he’s going to do a sprint counter
Drill what we talk about, so this is where we’re going
to create some counterbalance. And then what he’s going to do is he’s
going do a sweep step into the middle, a push pull. So he’s going to land,
he’s going to push off the left, pull it into the power position. This
is his three, four, five position. And notice how he’s landing
heel up. One of, our recent YouTube
videos we talked about, don’t drop the heel in the middle. That’s how it enables him to maintain
the proper access through the delivery and notice where he stops. So watch, I’m going to have Jason just do a
throw as if he was going to be doing, you know, like a training, Drill, a walkthrough and watch what
he will naturally do. So go ahead. So you’ll notice him set, he’ll kind of
walk through and you’re going to notice that is what we’re talking
about. Don’t finish the throw. One of the biggest mistakes you see with
all beginning throwers is that they’re always trying to practice
ripping through the throw. And one of the biggest things you’re
going to notice with most elite throwers is that once they hit this, now he’ll go through and he’ll
mimic trying to hit his finish. But it’s always the, goal which you’ll see on most
throwers is they’re trying to get to the “pillar five” or power position
and hold that separation. And they want to see the, stretch and the tension that’s
going to bring them through the throw. And that is a huge detail because it
teaches you the proper timing of feeling your block arm, your block leg and
your delivery side and delivery arm. And when you’re just rushing through,
that’s going to cost you distance. So there’s your tip for today. Jason
got anything to say? I got nothing. All right, so thanks so much for
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  1. Just spent 2 days at the Columbus camp and since I walked through the pillars and learned the hands on drills the videos make so much more sense! Thanks coach Johnson and team. Great stuff especially with young throwers.

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