WATCH | Matt Florjancic, Pat Chiesa recap Orange & Brown Scrimmage

WATCH | Matt Florjancic, Pat Chiesa recap Orange & Brown Scrimmage

of local kid rice he stood out
very well on that excel accounts
(to steal the first team offense
and the ball eight times in the end up also got a chance to see
that acres of taking the lead in
this stadium a little more of a
pressure at Mr. Sold a lot of t Sunday in the piece I would say
is that it started to take her
Zaman farrow brown human scene
he’s ordering a teenager on ice
20 one on the TV guide for the
number three times, he is a
physical specimen honestly look
like he should be pulling our 14
am not domain of a thereby they fit the
mold of what he wants in today’s
tight end of the body guide that
has athleticism that simply i oddity suffered at the end of a
practice the earlier this week all that was Joseph out there
with the first team many drills
that 51 yarder that was the same
in and you mentioned cyber just
t he’s out to the lighter right
now this is just as job to lose
weight and slowly and I think if
he has a solid showing in the
fir the way that great Joseph Lowery
as leg up in this competition
held on extended the house of
that that he’s a better team did this
for 14 games at this level last
year’s cyber did not deny they
were starting to see that experi between Simi a waiver that was
not one else to draw from Bundy
I’m just gonna be honest with a
steady it was still insist that
a called a Reno today and will
eventually lose one or watching
a ton of steel like you can tell
when a guy says elite level
valley old LDAP on the big screen
titlist slightly below that was
miles garrett’s boarding a new
visor never a riser juggle as a
place on that standing goal with a
very unique and a design that
that speaks in miles’s in the
hallways for himself and that’s
what Fr and that’s what today is about
the business of football, gets
underway next Thursday night
when they have their first
received a line after practice to decide
every single one of them have
sold dozens of selby’s along
with the underdog aggressively
sites ol preseason game out, but
nonetheless. See an Ira and just
seen six run the offense to run
the 13 I mean he did it feel the letter your
city what leads me to get some
real data might be in this is
actually happening Cleveland we
have the defensive line specifically is a string of this team and a
secondary is come along even
better than the dogs and it
might not in the audience will
get the s and all those are being sacked
Olivier Vernon shell are
registered to Johnson guided
those guys healthy that being
said Sweden and Italy to stand string
at the same deal with in the
stability a red jacket other all
the soft tissues sold to take
som bit to be honest at this point
in most games me that a lot
worse injuries of this is a this
is another step in that progress
of are taking the next step is a
franchise and we all the
continues real there was that it
held throughout the preseason
and arrest Thursday night football on a
breezy memory to browse the Brea
wall and a plan Thursday night
editor of the numbers drawn last
ye on the comeback that you could
feel the energy was probable are
so different in the year and
guess what best 48 months later a feeling the same thing again
to why the months later the
originated at raided several of
those games this year I have a
lunche always looked the error of in a one

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