These two stars today were arrested by police as chaos broke out in Birmingham City Centre. The two stars say Jay & Romell set up a huge game of hide-and-seek with their fans. Resulting in thousands of people causing riots while looking for the pair. Fans, which led to their whereabouts being posted on social media to hundreds of thousands of people I am so, so tired. I am ready for the day though. Let’s do this man First I’m gonna make a cup of tea so I can actually wake up So, there I was, making a cup of tea, getting ready for the day having no idea what the day held in store for us, man Me and jay went to the hiding spot that we chose the day before. We got outside, we found where we were going to hide and it was perfect. On the day, we went back to the place and (suspensful music) bang. No…Wait. Couldn’t get in there. The, the route we took to begin with couldn’t get back in there. We needed another course of action. So at this point, me and Romell We are literally in the back of the cars. We are driving around, like the building. Trying to figure out a way to get back into the building because this plan was perfect and the hiding spot we had was perfect I’m in the back of the car right now Yeah, we’re having to like, we driving past a hiding spot and there’s been Some massive compromise because our hidin spot has been locked off we can’t actually get in there anymore on there we’re trying to hide in somewhere before the game starts at 12. We’ve got, and there’s so many people looking for us We drove pass so many boys a little change in plans, axel has saved the day he’s managed to get into the building Person on left of screen: Where was meant to go but we’re, gonna track back, and go there. Person to right of screen: Heres our first, clue i’m about to policy now let’s go Bye guys! No, one’s gonna be an inner oh yeah? This, place is huge so even when? We give him the last clue And they all come and you got his auckland running and right you know come out to find us very easy, because we’re hired And in the modest spot the spot you guys are gonna freak out when you find it Guys, if it’s a bit dark with apologize It’s literally pitch black in here hopefully. Your guys, phone’s light up, this place like a fucking justin bieber concert even like even the slightest and Spooking, me out but raindrops hitting the floor scary you know How, many people are editing behind, me i’m looking for us bro this building is huge No i should have No, you’re Gonna find him though good luck don’t you love us – jared i love me yeah i don’t know, why People are like commits me in trying to find a life, the game’s not to bind b-boy Guy, man no these guys, that you’ve gotta find your mouth So at this point right equal is like so fucking scary because, we have no idea how Many, people were like looking for a spark or to our friends and all that driving Fancies of people pacing up and down streets about contrition What made it worse was the fact that? We were in the factories abandoned place i’m almost weeping footsteps i’m so scared but the way We d be underground made it so that We were not going to be found for it leaves that full of our not hiding spot, was ogu perfect Place there in that building over there Not massive one on the back people are just more interested in gana photo then winning a grand i really Don’t get it there on the one to try and find jeremy i don’t know, where they are i don’t know Where jeremy is so i can’t give him, any, tips, base good look, there look at the you, guys, we looking for them What tell us about them Like if you’ve got a place where you think anyway About 2,000 people inside and outside this building you guys are cheese Why, windowed abandoned building and whirring up on their building, while in the building And streets, who people in the road join our cause We have the release of the dragon it open to the sewers that, we were hiding brian solis We had all that torches on and then as soon as you have it move whatever little And then jackie shouted anyone switch off the torch easy, and let’s just sit in silence the might not go into the room, where We are this, jolly time, i will kill you with a torch and then a look on his face when he saw you Drop that thinking this building everyone bro you, like it yo girl congrats We sent me 1000 pound as soon as we can just The ground actually need, you to send us your tentative. Oh, yeah mira melt or just a disability This is where you’d remember arrested for causing so much our to burn Always, always literally shot and ran from walking through crowds of people act upon to tell people your voice and you leave me alone a Second please, oh, oh, i try to look for chloe in the car. And get back to the car Easy, like this, yeah policeman ran up to me grab to me, not only it’s Your mac into the van you ain’t, oh? God these, two police guys dragged, me into the police van ever be some disrespect Very in the back of the van according to everybody, else has got arrested is also me so, yeah trust me

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  1. I'd like to point something about the HIDE & SEEK game..

    A group of people actually found us before the guy did in the video, because of this we have no reason other than to also give them £1000 as well as the winner in the video

    We carried on the game as at this point as thousands of people were looking for us and it would have been a shame to end the game within the first 15 minutes

  2. 4 easy steps on How to get arrested in any place you live

    Step 1. Because youtube famous

    Step 2. Get a world game ready

    Step 3. Prepare yourself for a massive riot of people and cops

    Step 4. Enjoy yourself and pay the winners/winner

  3. I wish i could but i live in manchester it looks so cool am such a big fan but i hope u relply n see this bro but doubt u will but can u do one in manchester plz ❤️

  4. As a Mexican American I wish y’all would do this somewhere in California lmao also I 100% want to either A.)Start a Riot or B.) be in a Riot

  5. Do you not understand how much people fucking love you guys!? If I lived over there my fat ass would be running trying to find ya!

  6. Fuck you you shit bag teaching children do try and die I’m calling the cops you shit bags are getting arrested forever haha. Die in jail

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