What we thought about Kentucky football’s season-opening win over Toledo

What we thought about Kentucky football’s season-opening win over Toledo

This is Lexington Herald Leader
sports columnist John Clay, along with Herald Leader UK
football beat writer Josh Moore. It’s after Kentucky’s 38 to 24 win
over Toledo in the season opener, and we’re just gonna talk about our impression
of the game, offensively and defensively. And Josh what offensively stuck out
to you in this Kentucky victory?>>John, I was really impressed
with the running backs. We’d heard so
much about those guys through fall camp. Benny Snell’s a tremendous
guy to have to replace, all time leading rusher obviously. You see what AJ Rose brings to the table,
Kavosiey Smoke brings to the table. And Chris Rodriguez,
he fumbled a few times. Had some bad errors there. But he also probably should
have had a touchdown. I think he crossed,
I wasn’t too sure that was a fumble. But Rick jumps on top of it,
everybody looks fine.>>Everybody’s happy, yeah.>>But yeah, those three guys,
I thought really came out and proved that this is still a school that,
yeah Benny Snell was great, but there’s still guys in
the pipeline ready to go.>>Yeah, they can do it by
committee instead of one guy.>>For sure, and then Rose talked a little
bit about that, cuz he’s a starter, but kinda got cramped up there
a little bit in the first half. And you come in and really don’t
miss a beat with Smoke and Chris. So I think they’ve got
something really good. They’re gonna be able to build. And they kind of through camps, said hey,
if a guy gets hot we’ll let him go. And tonight that guy was Kavosiey Smoke. He only touched the ball seven times. But he was really their
home run hitter today. And that could be Rose or
that could be in some cases Chris.>>Yeah Smoke with a 40
yard touchdown run. Defensively what stuck out to me,
obviously, a young defense a lot of
questions about the defense. DeAndre Square, big game for him,
11 tackles, had an acrobatic interception. He was all over the field, heck of a game. And then there was all the questions about
the secondary that got burned early on a long pass. But after that,
they seemed to settle down. And JUCO defensive back Brandin Echols,
I thought played well in the secondary. He’s a guy who was hurt at
the beginning of camp, but came on at the end of the camp. And he-
>>He’s a very confident guy. I mean, he told me a few weeks ago, he thought he was better than
half the guys in the SEC. And today, you know what, he looked like
a guy that maybe there’s some truth to it. Maybe he’s a guy that can come in and
play. We’ll see how he does against
Florida in a couple weeks.>>Right?
>>[LAUGH] But he’s a guy that Is least out there and
playing with confidence. And especially at that position you
need some guys who go out there and think that they’re the best
guys on the field.>>And Mark Stoops has a good history
of developing JUCO transfers, especially on defense
with Za’Darius Smith. And then Lonnie Johnson who was a second
round pick in a draft at cornerback. Defensive back like Echols. So he could really make
a difference on this team. Be sure and check out all of our
coverage on Kentucky.com and the print edition of
the Lexington Herald-Leader. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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  1. Kash was a leader before this, but it became HIS defense when he chewed out the D. After that they didn't give up another point except that FG set up by penalty and the garbage TD late.

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