what is the perfect welcome back to the
channel Austin J Mills is back I’m here you ready for a challenge a
trickshot challenge lost two we both lost two have no legs last time you’re
on the channel I’m feeling really down on myself right now
luckily Blake’s not here today we’ve got two dice you’re gonna roll one dice to
see we’re on the court you’re going to shoot from the other dices how many
attempts you get then you’re going to spin the wheel for your difficulty
you’re a handicap your punishment if you will so let’s say it could be anything
from backwards to boxing gloves if you don’t get your shot in the amount of
timpz then you get a strike three strikes you’re out
Austin you’re up first welcome to life with Caleb so here are the six spots 1 2
3 4 5 & 6 you got with you give a few squad it’s me the squad I brought my
squad today I needed a little help to beat Josh okay this is Boden this is
Cota these are my nephew’s voted in Kona are gonna be helping me roll the dice
and spin the wheel for me let’s do it let’s get it all right go for it shot
first red one first Wow you think that’s good that’s six
attempts right no that’s the furthest shot okay let’s see how many attempts you should fire you’re walking home you
better get him a free pass all the red ones are free passes they used to shoot
a basketball normal you just want to take your strike now or way this is
automatic strike I’ve never seen awesome throw a frisbee X let’s see your miss oh my gosh that was embarrassing okay
Austin I believe it on that bucket I think I
can beat Austin’s terrible you did it twice it once yellow space number one
six attempts literally Mona you need to learn how to roll okay one is behind the
backboard so it’s not super easy oh so good like soccer kick with lungs or
something all right so you got six attempts Oh like this is easy ready okay
well he just hit first try and I’m screwed leave a comment right now do you
think Austin stand the chance yes or no I got time it’s just one strike
yeah you’re still okay back to you alright so since you guys messed me up
last time I’m gonna switch it Oh baby okay one spot space number six again backwards doable let’s go hasta is
pretty good this shut this shots hard here because there’s no other hoop to
look at okay not terrible it’s also where we’re on campus at Pepperdine
University always beautiful but today you can’t really see the ocean it’s a
very foggy out here what Oh too
oh I don’t think so didn’t go in right I thought that went
in but apparently so did the camera Oh losing today Josh all right and back
to you Josh oh I like the LeBron cost alright alright five spot I don’t know
it didn’t touch it that is clearly a six no you moved it while you that would
have been that what probably been a Caleb thing to do but I didn’t do it
let’s see what I got man I’m rolling way better than you huh mini basketball
that’s pretty easy I got this mini mini ball okay that’s the five spot underhand
how’s an air ball Josh not a make whoa that was rough fun is he gonna make it
oh no confidence in Josh T Mills right there oh that’s right forget you Kona
Austin are you nervous no I’m not nervous we just need to figure out how
role for your shuttle figure out all right one inch
oh well tense attempts is 400 6-4 so deceiving
you say the dice is so deceiving one-one pretty confused with numbers three that
is a free throw Oh beautiful I’m gonna spin my own wheel many many basketball back-to-back mini
basketball two more two more it’d be really impossible if you could
do it right oh all right man okay Josh you thought this was gonna be easy
didn’t you I don’t know there’s my two to stuff oh yes no backboard and 124
tips for all right let’s go throw it’s all about the wheels opponent choice frizzy frizzy with no backboard is yes
yay team ills I got a fan section over here I do have some backboard all right
oh oh confidence level real it was very close
hit see it hit exactly where I wanted it to hit all right well let’s not do that
again Oh three more way too close
that was better yeah one strike for me one frost and it’s all tied up
before the next round if you haven’t subscribed yet what are you doing make
sure you subscribe we’re going really quickly and if you’re new say hello in
the comments cuz I want to say hi to all you new subscribers well my guys it’s
not that’s proper dribbling no stop it go there you go thank you thank you
thank you okay just roll the dice let’s roll I
hate you so much all right well maybe there are free
pants what’s free pass media this is gonna shoot up no that’s what that still
not easy yeah you’re awesome Miller come on backwards I would have missed for sure you know that doesn’t say about that
that’s home-court advantage right there oh I’ll remember that
yeah that’s my guy right there I have someone on my team now I’ll let you roll
both oh yes can’t wait for this if you roll well for him I’m not sitting in
your walking home and not eating one oh no one attempt 5-spot atta boy
I love how you presented like your honesty really good move sure no I got
it on my flight to New Zealand actually that sounds a little sketchy oh my god
you made it yes I didn’t make it past close two strikes
right each oh no frisbee o2e Oh two strikes two strikes okay whose team you
are now ah yeah you’re back huh you roll a terrible role for me once now you’re
back enough okay you got them rolling for you again yeah he’s gonna do a
little awesome no special go ahead wait there is oh you mean the Josh Schwartz
special okay cool sorry didn’t understand you’re talking about okay
that’s three temps crew space number oh I like the spin Wow oh and the fin is off no free that
oh yeah well I got you three attempts from half court
oh very doable very kind of attempt number two anyway ignore that let’s go
see yourself you’re still alive here’s how you did properly juggle folk
trouble the dice one two attempts to Tim attempts space number
space number two the eight space number two oh that’s a tough space wheelspin three what’s gonna be rolling the same
stuff what’s it gonna be free pest huh what’s it gonna be anybody gonna do oh
oh I missed these two game game over Oh a lot of pressure on this shot I’m just
gonna put that out there a lot of oh I was like trying to tune you out listen
to the peanut gallery over there okay me the lobby you got these guys woke up
first our free pass we both live another day and now you’re back up see it
alright based off of their roles recently I’m gonna do my own okay they don’t know if you meant to drop
those or not you have six attempts from space number three that’s a
three-pointer Oh beautiful well let’s see what you get oh you like
that that’s the basketball right not a 180 I
got so many comments I got so many comments on it do keys you call it 360 I got six attempts yeah you missed maybe
you’re dizzy or something no guys is this a 360 it’s good enough for you yeah
yeah that’s definitely the full full banana Oh too much lucky bounce and
backward and bounce again what do you think yeah yeah here we go does not that
I help the users but I okay we got spot number four or two
attempts to oh that is not good we can ask you questions do you know that it I
just realized you miss yeah I was wondering if we made you for me what
what did you roll on laughs at three or four space number three or four eight
yeah you’re supposed to do a free throw whoops Wow
I told you guys he was cheating I told you you devil would have made a breathe
okay yeah I’m I’m gonna three-pointer maybe I should just go to the free-throw
yeah no no come okay you should go one spot back Agnew is it I pray that you
get boxing gloves better soccer kick from three well it’s a great video
thanks so much for watching wait we get the right angle for the miss there it is ready Josh Horton from three
oh that’s closer than I thought this is for the game step number two oh thanks
for watching everyone and big fat hug to Boden and Kona for helping out make sure
you head over to Austin’s channel cuz we film another video for him grab the
Austin I’ve got videos every Monday Wednesday every Saturday subscribe if
you haven’t yet follows full fun Instagram often Jae Millz juggling Josh
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post for your chance would in stamped out next time that’s all we’ll see you
later I’ll get the little toasty out here

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  2. Hello josh I love your channel and also you are so good at trick shots and Half court shots and three pointers and behind the hoop and you are good at free throws and you know you are better at basketball than Austin and

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