Which Team Should Really Be Ranked #1 In College Football | The Armchair QB Show

Which Team Should Really Be Ranked #1 In College Football | The Armchair QB Show

The number one team in the country I would have LSU #1 followed by Ohio State #2. #3 I would probably have Alabama
followed by Penn State and Clemson rounding out the top five.
And the reason for that is I feel like out of the group of those five I think
LSU as a right now, have played the tougher schedule overall. Now again, there’s still more games to be played but as of right now yeah, I think there’s I think
with that being said LSU still has some defensive questions. They gave up 38 points twice. One time to Vanderbilt. I know. Vanderbilt?? Vanderbilt has never scored 38 points total. No, I’m just kidding. I’m just saying you can’t do that and
then expect you have an offense no doubt about it. Maybe the most high octane
offense in the nation. I mean, Joe Burrow Heisman Trophy you know probably lead
candidate right now I would say some other people nipping at his heels but he’s a stud. So I got Ohio State #2, like I said. Alabama #3, Penn State #4, Clemson #5. Now, with that being said like Ohio State they played two ranked teams as well so it has I
mean do you do you yeah I mean do you when you look at on paper and you look
at how they play it whatever do you think there’s a team out there that Ohio
State can’t beat? Well and we’re just gonna say with that being said well I
have LSU ranked #1 that’s a ranking. I think the best team in the
nation is still Ohio State. Now like I said they have not quite earned that #1 spot in my opinion. Not that they’re not the best team but there’s a difference between who has earned the #1 spot versus who is the best team. You nailed it. I don’t think Ohio State has earned #1. I do think Ohio State I think is the
best team. I think if and when Alabama/Auburn at the end of the season and Alabama versus LSU. I think it’s gonna be a heck of a contest. And your Ohio State/Penn State now
that’s going to be I think to the winners of the Alabama/LSU and the
Ohio State/Penn State, those are going to whoever wins those two games are
going to have again it’s going to depend on how how good you went how much you win
by, style points will come in who clearly is #1. That is going to be out of all
the games, that’s the one I’m looking forward to the most right now. I’m
looking at the schedule going goddamn like we play some harder, you know? But Penn
State’s just gotten better and better that is going to be a classic Big Ten, winner’s gonna take a lot and it’s gonna be…it’s gonna be a brawl, it’s
gonna be curious to see how the weather plays out to do this time of year it’s
just I got it but you know that’s you It’s going to be, you know. It is what it is. It’s the Midwest. It could be rain, it could be snow, it could be cold or it could 60 degrees. It’s the Midwest. You know how it goes around here. So like what
are your thoughts about Ryan Day? One of the things I’ve picked up on… He looks
like a adult grown up version of Eddie Munster. Yeah he does, doesn’t he? You know what? What’s interesting with that his team’s is that you saw this with me I mean you saw it with
Tressel’s teams you saw it with Urban Myer’s teams we saw it with John
Cooper’s teams but his even though you only like a sample size of the games
that he kind of you know it let’s be honest he probably coached half a whole
last season with Myer the way that he was yeah but this you know you can only go so
much I’m not gonna like make any grand statements but there’s something about
this team where you don’t get a sense there’s gonna be like that Iowa State
let down or that unranked. Iowa. Purdue. You don’t get this sense you’re waiting for it right like well
the last two years you know you haven’t seen that at all like they come prepared
they’re disciplined they don’t shoot themselves in a foot they they have
great game plans they don’t play down to anyone they don’t look past anybody
there’s something about that you know now given I mean you didn’t see the from
Urban Meyer’s teams in the beginning so is it one of those like you win some
championships and then you maybe get a little arrogant and a little complacent
I mean yeah it’s I think my prediction as of right now unless something changes. Injuries which they do…I think you’re gonna see an LSU/Ohio State national championship game, depending on how the brackets end up being.The way it goes now I don’t think Alabama, they’re good, but I think LSU can take them. I think Ohio State, I think they can take Penn State and only thing that’s I have seen like when you look at speed along the
edges that’s where I’ve seen Ohio State get exposed a little bit on defense I
don’t know if it’s more of a outside linebacker and you know your edge
defenders. They’re running more zone too. They… You get some guys that are fast I
mean they’re they’re eating some chunks of yards I mean they tighten it down but
that would be the only thing I would really worry me of them are our
linebackers being exposed I mean I’m cool with the secondary our line is
getting pressure but that’s something I would worry about but I mean dude you’re
gonna up against Alabama, LSU, Clemson… so you’re gonna have to deal with some I
mean the struggled against North Carolina just they’re not
I don’t think Clemson’s being respected right now which that could motivate them. I just think a lot of people for being the defending undefeated national
champions especially this late in the season and that many returning players
too? That’s just weird. I feel like they’re not getting the respect. Hopefully they can harness that to motivate them. How many championships has Dabo Sweeney won? I believe two. So yeah look at okay is this like him trying to figure out you
know…I mean they blew out Alabama last year. Blew ’em out. We see this a lot of teams like I mean cuz I know like a lot of the
reports come out the Eagles locker puts right the Eagles but a lot of the
veterans are kind of going it’s like alright you’ll want a Super Bowl two
years ago it’s it’s alright it’s done like stop like let go of
and it is kind of like when you look at just teams is there how much of the
difference is there when you finally win that championship

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  1. SOS – PSU: #41 , Alabama: SOS #61, Clemson: SOS #54
    SOR – PSU: #2, Alabama: SOR #4, Clemson: SOR #6
    Top 25 W's – PSU: 2, Alabama: 0, Clemson: 0

    If PSU beats OSU on the road, I bet they're still gonna get snubbed like before. This is sad. This is one reason I don't like this dumb playoff system. Teams get in that don't deserve to. These teams get in for the name alone.

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