It is them or not?! Hey guys, what’s up? We are the freekickerz! And as you already can see, we are here with Manuel Neuer today. Great to have you here! It’s a cooperation with Soccerships today. Soccership is scouting you as talents and gives you the opportunity to study through scholarship in combination with football in the USA. Just like these three guys are doing it already! Manuel, what is your connection with this? I am the ambassador of Soccerships and trying to help these guys to get the scholarship they want. So i am supporting Soccerships and the guys to make their way! A really nice thing! But we are here to play football today, so we are going to do three challenges against Manuel! Well done! – But who is going to start? – It’s you to shoot first! First try! I have already seen it in. Why do you use the black grip on your goalkeeper gloves? I don’t have such a sponsor as you! I mean, normally it is the white grip. 1-0! – That wasn’t a bad shot! And you tell me something about a warmup? That already was a great shot! Come on, Manu! Top corner now! Why that? – Because you said it before! Just a little chip there! What was crossbar again? 5 points?! Come on, second round now! So i need to score now as well! That can’t be real! – Wasn’t a bad try! Am i right, that it’s 7-0 right now?! Not the best nerves i would say! Okay, Manu didn’t score his volley either! But not as bad as your one! Not even this one is in! It’s okay, we are just continuing right away. It’s our chance now! That’s really unlucky there… It’s our chance again, we need to score! I am not a freekick taker as you saw. That’s so bad, so bad! Finally the first point! That is the start now! I’d be so nervous now! It just shouldn’t happen today… That wasn’t a real shot, every goalkeeper would have saved it for sure! Now it really starts! Everything is still possible! Third position! We are going to cut it in the way, that we are 10-1 up! At least one point, so 10-2 now! I just wanted to make an easy and safe point there. Nevertheless a nice shot again! But next time only one touch there! Here we are again! 10-5! It was even really close… So it’s time for a goalkeeper discipline again! Martin, just one more! Do it again, you know how to do it! This time you saw Bruno standing behind the goal somewhere. Second challenge, no bounce! So i’ll start. If heard that if you hit the flag, you’ll get two points. May i do it again? I just braked away here. Manu need to show us how to do it. The length was fine there. When it started to fly, i thought it would be good. Too short! More difficult than you thought. It’s a good one. Really nice! 1:0. – At least one thing i can do as a central defender! Was it in? Bounced right behind the line! So it’s 1:1. And that means sudden death now! It thought it would be in for sure! – Me too. He wears the freekickerz glasses for sure! What does VAR say? Just like mine! Bruno, pay attention there! Bounced before??? – No it’s in! Well done guys, you’ve won once more! What’s the matter there? It’s the Manu magic! As you alreday see guys, we are 2:0 behind, so we lost already… But although it is time for penalties now, let’s see that we can at least win here! For sure! Let’s go! So you may start then! You’ll start! Really well shot there! Good penalty… Finally a goal for us! You know each other, right? Yes of course! How arrogant can you be?! I wanted to chip first, but he remained standing so long, that i completely lost my mind there. We wanted to make it to exactly! But at least not arrogant. Come on keeper! I actually wanted to shoot in the right corner, but then i saw that the keeper goes there. Luckily i have saved it. Very strong! But you were a little afraid! More exactly was not possible. Martin, if you can score, we have won almost! It’s in our hand now. Come on, score it now! So that was the vide already, we hope you liked it, leave a like for sure! And don’t forget to checkout Soccerships, the link in the description down below! Thanks to you guys and thanks to you, Manu! It made a lot of fun, so see you next time and goodbye!

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