Women’s Lacrosse: RIT vs St. Lawrence 3.16.19

Darrell being watched, back to Sterio. Down the post, good pass up front. Shot, rolls in. And it’s called a goal. Save was made there by Olga Lukas. Got free from her and rolled in. So the RIT Tigers take the lead here, 1-0. Goes back to Silvia as they play catch. She took a peak, she wanted to get inside of O’Neil. Couldn’t. Now she’ll post up, she’ll try to come around the outside. Barlow breaks in, shot. Bounced high and wide, went off of Goodermote. Will give her another save there and the ball rolls in on Goodermote and she’ll scoop that up. Owens with it. Underhand it over to Murphy. Murphy one-on-one. Getting pushed away by Africa. Nice job there. That was Regis with the nice play. Regis picks up again. Inside it goes. Underhand shot and a save by Goodermote. The second shot goes in the back of the net. With 7:39 left in our first half, the Saints are on the board. Maddi Dillabough crosses the center line. She gets it over to Fallone. A couple of Tigers check off. Fallone rolls to the front. Straight in she comes. Got a shot away and scores. Nice job by Fallone frome the free position. In she comes. Shot saved by Lukas – in the goal. Off the rebound, scooped by by Sterio and put away. Strong things went out from in front of the snow bank back there. Gets it to Fallone so she can get started. Comes from – scores. Hands it back off to D’Antico. Owens now. Owens, center, shot, and a goal. From the turf field area, the RIT Tigers, an 11 goal victory, 16-5. 4 goals for Olivia Africa. 3 a-piece for Meghan Donahue, Alanna Fallone, and Krystyna Sterio. The RIT Tigers dominate this one 16-5.

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