X LEAGUE | AUSTRALIAN plays American football in JAPAN | 4K + GoPro

X LEAGUE | AUSTRALIAN plays American football in JAPAN | 4K + GoPro

Sunday. 6:30am and it’s practice. Let’s go! It’s a beautiful day today. Gameweek! Aye! It’s hot! Day one. It feels like the Saharan Desert. So, I just finished practice and it was pretty hot. I had a good practice. We’re about to go into the showers. We’re about to take you inside… inside look. This is our receiver’s coach. This is Kazuki, slot receiver. Most of the meeting is in Japanese so it’s always interesting. I could’ve rolled out more, but I thought Ishikawa was going to contain me so I stopped. That QB life… always pain in the arm. Thank you, Yoko. Hey Mum! Are you filming me?! Yeah, just quickly. After practice, saying hello to Mum. I don’t want to walk back to the station so… I’m just going to catch the bus. It’s free. So after 8 hours of practice it’s really important to refuel. Not with that. 7:30 in the morning. I have an 8 o’clock meeting. Bit late, I gotta rush. Right on time. The train is arriving, oh god! Look at that. Packed in like sardines. I’ve arrived right on time. I really like our meeting point. It’s a very traditional, old Japanese meeting point. It’s really nice. Here he is. Our OC. 10 o’clock, about to get this work in. This is our amazing gym staff. I’m going to start my workout with some pliability. Tom Brady was on to something. This thing is amazing. It vibrates. Kaepernick. So, a little story about this gym… and Japanese culture itself. I came here, two days into my trip and they didn’t have any box jumps, didn’t have a bosu ball and didn’t have some massage stuff. I was like: “Do you have these pieces of equipment?” I was just curious. They said no. The next time I came, the next day, they had all three of those things. Legends, absolute legends. Just finished at the gym. Gotta get a brotein shake in. Let’s have a look at our upcoming opponents. Now I’ve gotta go to work. So, I do the night shift at the Belken Hotel in Nihonbashi. And there she is. Can I have your reservation name, please? It is Sato. Just a moment, thanks. You’re staying one night in a single, non-smoking room, is that correct? Yes. Please double check the information and sign here. Thank you. Tokyo Skytree. Tokyo Tower. Tuesday afternoon at Heiwajima Park. Let’s go. Let’s go. I’m channelling my inner Jonah in the route running position. After you good sir. Eleven. Twelve. So American when you say that. Yeah the boys. Silver Star, let’s go. Leg day, it’s my favourite day, baby. Two ACL surgeries, gotta love legs. These puppies, $6000. $6000. This is Kaz… from the gym. She’s excited about coming to the game. Our first game this weekend. I gave her some tickets. Go Silver Star. Have a nice game! Alright, so this Tuesday is a special Tuesday. We got dinner with all the other import players so it should be interesting meeting all the guys. This is the X League import crew. Wednesday morning. Getting my eggs in. About to go to work. Today I’m in the head office so it should be alright. I get to plan some English lessons. 35 degrees at 8 o’clock in the morning. There’s my building. It’s going to be an ad or Starbucks this video. So, I’m here with Sato-san, my great boss. We are discussing the English conversation class for tomorrow. I remember slightly the title “Congratulations” CONGRATULATIONS Yeah, American song. By Post Malone? Thursday morning. This is my street. About to get some mental reps in. We out here doing work! Now for the big mama. Ok, here we go. So let’s say: “great uncle”. GREAT UNCLE Perfect, perfect. That was very good. Grandfather. GRANDFATHER. Grandmother. GRANDMOTHER. So, fath.. th, th, th… So when you say “TH”, “TH” Grandfather. GRANDFATHER. Yep, good. Grandmother. GRANDMOTHER. Good, perfect. So their relationship is wife and husband. Ok, so… wife. WIFE. Wife. WIFE. Perfect. Husband. HUSBAND. Husband. HUSBAND. Perfect. Ok. What is your relationship with him? He is my grandfather. Perfect. What is your relationship with him? He is my husband. Friday! TGIF. Cya bye work. Gameday baby! WOAH! Let’s go. Pre-game meal. Sushi. Every quarterback does this. At least I hope so. I’m picking out the gameballs. I like to make sure they’re perfect. Good morning. Basketball wax. I don’t know why they didn’t get football wax, but it does the trick. Now we brush. There we go… sticky as the month of July. Kento… what’s up? KFC?! Hey Jonah-san. Winners beers, let’s go. Here’s the hero. How do you feel? Three touchdowns. Probably 150 yards maybe? Could’ve been better, could’ve been worse. We got to play a lot better.

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  1. I'm a Local player here in Brisbane, studied Japanese through high school and have been thinking about moving there. How was the transition into the Japanese league and how did you even get a foot in the door? X League is their top league, isn't it? are there other leagues (just like a local club or something) that a foreigner could join if they've only been playing about 2 years?

  2. Are you still playing for the Asahi Silver Star next season (2019-2020)? I’m gonna be playing for the Panasonic Impulse this coming season, it’d be cool to meet you ✊🏾

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