Youtuber Tier List

Youtuber Tier List

– [Dunk] Hey, guys!
Here I am with my YouTubers Tier List. First up… PewDiePie. This dude was number one when I got into this YouTube game, in 2011, and he’s still on top, after all these years. Gotta put PewDiePie in the A tier, definitely! JonTron… He doesn’t make a lot of videos, but when he does it’s like: “Damn!” “Stop the show, we gotta watch this new JonTron.” Gonna put him in the B tier, for “Bird”. iDubbbz is the epitome of how NOT to be a YouTuber. First, he makes a video making fun of my man Leafy, that’s a no-no right there, but then he takes it further by making this dumb fast-food tier list. Now ask yourself… Does this dude look like he eats a lot of fast food? No. Sorry! Can we get a picture of me on the screen? Now, me? I’m an expert in these matters and Little Caesars is not better than Chipotle, you-! Goddamnit! For that reason I have to put iDubbbz in the F tier which stands for “fucking sucks.” LeafyIsHere… Among YouTubers, he is considered to be “the man” Everyone wants to be him. What can I say? S tier, so easily! Boogie. Ughhh… Boogie, just- Everything he does — This dude- Just- Ugh… just-
We’re gonna put him over here. GradeAUnderA… Well, this is an easy one! What’s under A? F! Fuck you! Jacksepticeye… Maybe I’m too old, but I just don’t get it. He’s always yelling, he’s always saying “brofist”… Gotta put him in the D tier. Mega64… These guys are like the “Steven Spielberg” of YouTubers, where they have so many masterpieces to pick from, but at the same time, they’re also the “Jared Leto” of YouTube, where you never know what they’re gonna do next. F minus! Should’ve made better videos.
Sorry! Markiplier… He is like the good version of Mega64. You know what I’m saying? A tier, no brainer. mtndewisawesome3591 Productions… A tier. Jack Black… Let me say one thing to you, man… Go back to making King Kongs, okay? Because you are not a good YouTuber. Zero points for Jack Black. ReportOfTheWeek… Now, here is a man who is out here eating food like Wendy’s, eating food like McDonald’s… and he says: “Yeah!” “Chick-fil-A is better than Little Caes-”
Shh… Stupid ass iDubbbz! Put him down here. Keemstar… This guy always has the latest news, he’s always covering the latest drama, like when Logan Paul’s dog toy got eaten by a coyote. Very important channel… S tier for Keemstar. Red Letter Media… They’re from Milwaukee, I’m from Milwaukee, but I stopped listening to these guys when they said that “Blade Runner is boring.” and they said “Jurassic World is better than Jurassic Park.” Shit tier channel. Scott The Woz… “Hey, all…” Z tier. Will Smith… more like Will’s shit. Jake Paul… Now, this dude just gets it. He’s got the hottest rap songs, he’s funny, he’s good at Fortnite… He’s the complete package. SS tier for Jake Paul. Game Grumps… Uh, I will put Game Grumps under Dairy Queen. H3H3… These guys are the definition of a power couple. They’re probably the smartest people in the YouTuber industry, they’ve helped me out countless times, their videos are hilarious, their clothes are stylish, they like good food… F tier. And, actually… let’s move iDubbbz and put him next to Scott The Wo- Angry Video Game Nerd… This dude laid the groundwork for all gaming channels to come. Without him you don’t have JonTron, you don’t have Irate Gamer, so we’ve got to pay respect… C tier. Nostalgia Critic… (creepy music) Now this is probably the worst channel on the entire website of YouTube. We’re actually gonna put him in the Shadow Realm section. Cr1TiKaL, is another dude like me, he’s been in the game for a long time, he’s got so many classic videos at this point, that I feel it’s a shame to put him in the F tier, where he truly belongs. Shane Dawson… I’m gonna be honest, I don’t know who this guy is, so he probably fucking sucks. C tier! Well, that’s it!
If I left off any channels, it’s because they don’t matter at all. Uh… Oh, yeah!
For SSS tier… videogamedunkey! That’s me! I’m easily the best YouTuber on the website. I see myself as kind of a mix of Leafy and Jake Paul. So, yeah!
That’s it. Don’t bother responding or making your own tier list. As the top YouTuber, my word IS final. So, goodbye!
Thank you! [OUTRO]
♪ “Period” – Persona 4 OST ♪

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  1. Wait who’s the guy at 3:17 ?? I couldn’t understand the name he said. I tried critical/fritical but obv it isn’t those. Can someone let me know plz? Thanks.

  2. He put irate gamer above avgn xD only true YouTube fans will get the subtle digs on his trolling of long standing channel rivalries. This video is amazing it's the best YouTube video ever. Infinite failure tier.

  3. Hey all, z tier! I hate Sonic one, on to sonic two. No wonder Dunkey hates him. Also Scott isn’t from Wisconsin.

  4. I must say. I am incredibly impressed by this list. Flip the entire thing upside minus Pewdiepie and Will Smith and it's absolutely perfect. Hmmm

  5. Heutie pie is SSS to you and Jacksepticeye’s SS to make sure license don’t put you in for a very stupid move for you to do

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