Yovanovitch Describes Being Ousted From Position: ‘No Real Reason Was Offered’ | NBC News

Yovanovitch Describes Being Ousted From Position: ‘No Real Reason Was Offered’ | NBC News

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  1. Amb. Yovanovitch at hearing: 
    "the Trump administration strenghtend our policy by appoving the provision to Ukraine of anti-tank missiles known as Javelins"   …(Obama gave them blankets)

  2. Why doesn't this Ambassador Marie Yanovitch understand that she has the pleasure of working under the choosing of the current president. She did a lot of studies about the Russians in Russia the language the history so is she's the ambassador to the Ukraine I would have her to be the ambassador to Kenya.

  3. It doesn't matter how nicely she's done her job, she badmouthed this president and with the current conditions going on over there, he let her go, there's so much america doesn't know, she's for the Left she's a registered democrat in her state and after listening to the program that Glenn Beck presented this week on the deep state which is a conspiracy and there is proof with the documents he got via freedom of information act, I know myself now that's going on and invovles Soros and it's deep it doesn't matter who the president is there if there's things that have gone on underneath, that most of america knows only a tiny bit about.

    This hearing is s sham, and not only does this whistle blower know obama, he knew well hillary, schiff biden and others, and they are protecting him because those players were those to try to prevent this man donald trump from becoming the president and they would all be held accountable, very sickening. Watch his program and have no preconceived ideas, his program is called Glenn Beck presents Dems Hydra

  4. Senate and House , have done not a day's work for the people that elected them. Corruption at the highest level in this country, everywhere else, but they are keeping the people bamboozled with all this nonsense. Ambassador Stevens was killed in Libya, was there any inquire as to why it happens? No, nothing of the sort. This is a stupid waste of time and money. Not a Trump supporter, but it is getting really old.

  5. If you’re still with Trump after this, you’ve drank the kool-aid and submitted to your cult. Or, you are a Russian Asset.

  6. All this morons that think they know foreign policy need to STFU!!! let the facts stand for themselves and quit trying to undermind a sworn testimony with conspiracy theories or bull💩!!! Set you political beliefs aside and stand on the side of The Constitution for once!!! Remember that a President can only serve two terms; it's not like trumpf is going to continue to rule for the rest of his life!!!

  7. State Employees seem to still not know what their job is. They even say what it is, but then decide they know best. This woman is the stereotypical HOA busibody. She knows best despite being told she is fired or was fired. Our State Department like our FBI and CIA are out of control. The President needs to fire about 1000 people to rid us of these unelected rogues.

  8. Marie “Masha” Yovanovitch directed a no prosecute list to hid money ;laundering and Biden's criminal activities, we really don't care about here feelings

  9. i would ecourage people to watch the entire testimony. instead if being spoon fed bits and pieces by such bias sources as NBC, if you are really interested in truth!

  10. If a story suggestion is off base, color, reservation, or in some way True but unrepeatable/ not true @ all/ or whatever… You could make some fuck'n effort, or Don't Ask!

  11. She is irrelevant to the proceedings. In my opinion, she is being used by the Democrats to get the sympathy of the American people to make them believe how bad is our president. If a president is not satisfied with an ambassador's performance, it is the prerogative of the president or any president to choose one that will satisfy that position as ambassador.

  12. This spoiled bureaucrat , living like royalty off the tax payers dime, has her feelings hurt when it was finally discovered that she was after all, no more than a treacherous sneak. And she still has a job at the tax payers expense.


  14. Americans be open minded to the truth dont just support Trump for support sake do ur research Ur president is not handling alot of things properly

  15. Ambassadors serve at the pleasure of the President. If Trump wanted to replace her then that is his right and choice. Every new President appoints his own chosen ambassadors and the outgoing president's ambassador's always leave.

    Marie Yovanovitch behaves like she is entitled to be ambassador and entitled to push her own foreign policy. The President sets foregin policy not career diplomats or ambassadors. If she disagreed with Trumps foreign policy she should of resigned. She should of been fired and Trump had every right and reason to fire her.

  16. She is in league with Schitt
    And Pelosi. You can tell.
    God will pass judgement on California and our nation will
    see what Godless people have to reap.

  17. The arrogance of the traitor Schiffty Adam is disgusting. He would not let the Republicans make comments. Speaking of comments, why are comments disabled in some Democrat-supported videos? Are they afraid of being inundated by scathing comments from most Americans?

  18. Wake up America. Trump is little by little dismantling our Democracy and Constitution. The Republicans have become his ENABLERS. GET TO WORK TRUMP. GET OFF TWITTER.

  19. She's upset because President Trump removed her from her position,which he has every right to do.Now she no longer has the title of Ambassador and that is all she wants

  20. Tulsi Gabbard, an American citizen, Veteran of our Armed Forces, and Honored Patriot of the United States of America is slandered by Hillary Clinton's propaganda and lies that she is a "Russian asset"….yet this woman, whose parents came to this country as Russian citizens, with claims of "fleeing" Russia, somehow ends up in our Foreign Service as ambassador in some of the most corrupt countries on the planet??? And Gabbard is the suspected asset???!!??
    Are people REALLY this dumb??? Uneducated??? Gullible???
    Wow!!! Wake up, sheeple! This woman is the epitome of a Russian asset and TRAITOR to this United States!!!!

  21. The president has every power and authority to remove ambassadors at his pleasure. We The People granted it to be so. If ambassadors are bad mouthing the president and/or undermining his policies in other countries, he certainly has every right to remove and fire those ambassadors because they ARE NOT serving USA when they undermine the president.

  22. Sounds like Putin was at it again poisoning a Ukrainian woman for opposing corruption. He sent out his death squad and poisoned the woman with ACID. He poisoned Yushenko, former president of Ukraine. He survived the poisoning but left his skin purple all because he wanted to relate to European countries.

  23. If this woman is so fragile that she cannot handle criticism public or private or deal professionally with a reassignment by the commander in chief, she needed to be removed. Thank you President Trump. Drain the swamp!

  24. Here the REAL REASON she was fired….. Just like me and 90% of the rest of America, your EMPLOYER DOESNT NEED A REASON TO FIRE YOU. Welcome to what most every American worker faces daily in the workforce.

  25. Take a look Republicans a woman of courage giving an award to another woman who fought corruption an dies a pain full death when acid was smear in her face.Hey Trump this is the lady you been trying to smear an hurt.Courage is this Ladies name Maria Yanovitch her name will ring throughout American History..WOW

  26. She didnt support Trumps agenda. She was fired. Her firing is employment issue, not impeachable issue. She thinks she knows better then President,. By the way she didn't give a list, SHE DICTATED toPoluschenko who He will not investigate, because its unacceptable ( Hunter Biden)and others

  27. Well that's 2 homeruns for Jordon and 2 strikeouts for Shiff. Frist Talyor and now silent Maria. You see it's not a that difficult to shine light on the witness when need be to get to the truth. The thing is Shiff and his Rothchilds people now that already , the are just stalling when the criminal indicments , decalsiifiy and Fiza reports come out and it ai'nt working !!! In fact I will be more excited to see the hearings and indicments on NBC news on propaganda charges and abiding to treason , now that will be fun to watch , I would even pay for that , ha ha

  28. This woman is nothing more than a former employee with an ax to grind. She is not owed a reason why she was fired. Ambassadors serve at the president's pleasure.


  30. This proves how a certain demographic of people. Will deceive each other for their own political gains and Power… United States has to rid these people that are in power. Because it's. insane to be led by foolish people..

  31. huhu, crocodile tears, all Dems are so emotional in tears to cover up for their sins! oh yeah, no one put a gun on your head to ask you to work for this President. For your safety, the administration calls you to go home as you said your work as an ambassador is dangerous so be grateful for returning home with your family unless you are corrupted like Burisma gangsters and the Biden & Kerry.

  32. I thought this was an impeachment hearing not a "pity – party" show..What happens in the Ukraine should stay in the Ukraine..Just Sayin' !!

  33. Can you imagine what hasn't been exposed in the White House? Remember the movie? "RED DAWN"? I'm 1/2 Mexican & 1/2 Black. And I am 100% SCARED!!!!!! Trump is the SWAMP….. A blind man can see it, a deaf man can hear it. Why is so hard Republican's to follow the rule of law. What if President Obama did the things Trump has done??? Looks to me like, the White House is the SWAMP!!!!!

  34. She got moved to Georgetown as a Fellow. The position she said she’d like if moved. She is still employed by the State Department and now teaches 1 class with about 15 students. She kept the same salary. That reassignment is pretty sweet. She wasn’t fired, and I thought she was until I actually listened to the event today. She’s now in a pretty sweet spot with the same pay and only teaching 1 class at Georgetown University. Not too bad!

  35. dont feel sorry for her, she is still making 200k a year for teaching one class of 14 students…although her free housing is gone now , thats gotta sting

  36. Democratic definition of a witness…. I heard that he said that he overheard something that he thinks he said but I don't know what exactly he said….

  37. Wow – the trolls are jumping all over this. Their boss must be very worried to order such an obvious attempted show of force.

  38. Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch did not BRIBE Trump with $1 Million for her position, like Gordon Sondland did. She earned it, over many years, and now she is denied the career she worked 33 years to build. What a Disgrace Donald J Putin is!

  39. Two huge myths are being promoted by the corporate media in tandem with the Democrats.

    1) It's a lie that Biden's blackmail of Ukraine to get rid of Prosecutor General Shokin was supported by every western country and international financial institution. Nowhere is there any statement, document, or any other kind of evidence that any western country or the EU recommended or even knew that Biden was going to use the $1 billion aid package as leverage to bully Ukraine to remove prosecutor Shokin. No one.
    Kurt Volker's testimony at the Schiff hearing confirms this.
    Volker: …It was a general assumption… among the European Union, France, Germany, American diplomats, U.K., that Shokin was not doing his job as a procurator general. He was not pursuing corruption cases.
    Question from Schiff counsel: So it wasn’t just former Vice President Biden who was pushing for [Shokin’s] removal, it was those other parties you just mentioned?
    Volker: I don’t know about any other specific efforts.

    2) It's a lie that Prosecutor Lutsenko retracted entirely his previous claim that ambassador Yovanovitch gave him a do not prosecute list. Read the original article the media refers to at: https://www.unian.info/politics/10520715-ukraine-prosecutor-general-lutsenko-admits-u-s-ambassador-didn-t-give-him-a-do-not-prosecute-list.html The only part Lutsenko corrected about the encounter with Yovanovitch was that she did not give him a written list,
    "I explained [to Yovanovitch] that I could not open and close cases on my own. I listed some so-called anti-corruption activists under investigation. She said it was unacceptable, as it would undermine the credibility of anti-corruption activists. I took a piece of paper, put down the listed names and said: 'Give me a do not prosecute list.' She said: "No, you got me wrong.' I said: "No, I didn't get you wrong. Such lists were earlier drawn up [under former president Yanukovych], and now you give new lists. The meeting ended. I'm afraid the emotions were not very good." As usual the corporate media has spun this into something entirely different from what he was saying.

    Yovanovitch herself admitted that they were a larger number of individual cases she "discussed" with Lutsenko which she opined "may have led him to believe that was a list of people not to investigate." She claimed no memory of how many individual cases she may have "discussed" with Lutsenko. As for the character of the discussions she cleverly describes them as just getting Lutsenko to realize that “prosecutions need to be done but legally, by the law, not politically motivated.” Cleverly she claimed to remember the name of only one person who she asked not be investigated.

    At the hearing Yovanovitch and Schiff are clever to discount whatever Lutsenko had to say by making him out to be corrupt to the core. Never mind that so many Ukrainians considered him far from very corrupt and an improvement over past prosecutors. By creating monsters Schiff is showing how evil he himself is in twisting facts.

  40. Listen Yovanovitch ……………. this is NOT a JOB For Life !! " A N Y PRESIDENT " CAN DISSMISS ANY ONE ……….. YOU were a left
    over from a previous administration !! this president, DONALD J. TRUMP, Could Have USED A BROOM And SWEPT " ALL THE LEFT
    OVERS OUT " !! of course WE ALL know know the " PUPPETEER " Played YOU LIKE A VIOLIN !! next time donkeys… when you
    shoot yourselves in the foot …………………. USE A SPEAR – GUN !! or find some IUD's and wrap – youeselves up in them and walk into traffic !!

  41. Trump doesn't have to give her a reason. Obama ousted all of the Bush era ambassadors in one day. He replaced them with the highest bidders! Bid minimum was set at $50k!! The date Jan. 20 2008. Does that date ring a bell? That is the day Obama took the oath of office. look it up noobs. Obama's ambassador to Argentina didn't speak Spanish. Another was a former producer of "The Bold and the Beautiful". They were ALL campaign donors.

  42. The President tries to throw the Kurds under the bus. Mad Dog Mattis quits and the republicans get upset. He doesn't do it until he gets a phone call from Erdagon a couple weeks ago and wham, we are out of Syria so fast our guys don't even pack their coffee cups. 10k isis are in not being watched and escaping ect.. We are not listening to the correct phone calls. The President is compromised and Putin keeps driving America into the dirt. Ukraine is minor to the security of the US at this moment

  43. Pres. Trump has the authority to pick and choose and/or terminate the services of his ambassadors to other countries. However, I don't find it appropriate to degrade/smear the reputation of an ambassador without providing proof of incompetence or malfeasance or character unbecoming of a respected ambassador.

  44. So we have this woman's hurt feelings because she was being ousted "for no real reason". Par for the course considering there is no real reason (or in this case no evidence/facts…I know you Dems don't like that word) for this pathetic impeachment show trial. But as this is falling apart you Dems will come up with something else to waste our time.

  45. It's called a layoff. Happens to many of us. I've seen good people get laid off without any advance notice. File it under "Life", subfolder "Feelings".
    This is turning into a big pity party.

    I think🇷🇺President Trump🇷🇺 lied and cheated to get there. Now he must lie, cheat, intimidate, accuse, belittle, etc. to stay there before his inevitable yet impending CHECKMATE! * (thought bubble: "poor little fella") .🇷🇺 = flag of Russia

  47. should bring in all the ambassador's that Obama fired, and question Obama's friends he made ambassador's for positions like the Bahama's and other exotic places.

  48. Poor…poor…woman. The media says she's got a spine of steel but yet Schiff was trying to turn on the waterworks for what should've been an impeachment inquiry hearing but ended up being a glorified wrongful termination complaint. I wonder how Bush appointed US Ambassadors felt when the Obama admin demanded their resignations upon his inauguration.

  49. ALL Our Swamp Rats Dont Look Alike Some Look Like Dem O rats Some Like Bueau O Rats And Dam O Rats. Then Repub O Rats Build Better Rat Traps. None Raciest.!!!!!They Just Keep Coming And Infecting Both Partys

  50. I am Rep. Adam Schiff. All persons must get my permission to question my witnesses & I reserve the right to tell them when to answer &
    when not.

  51. I am Rep. Adam Schiff. All persons must get my permission to question my witnesses & I reserve the right to tell them when to answer &
    when not.

  52. Welcome to the 2019 "Deep State" where one has to get permission to question witnesses from Rep. Adam Schiff who reserves the right to tell them when & how to answer.

  53. Welcome to the 2019 "Deep State" where one has to get permission to question witnesses from Rep. Adam Schiff who reserves the right to tell them when & how to answer.

  54. He didn’t need a reason. He wanted to do something illegal. Ms Yovanovitch you had too much
    Honesty and integrity. Donald Trump wanted you out of the way so that he could do his dirt.
    You are okay lady. I am sorry that you have been mistreated by this President and his gang.
    You’re a very brave lady be safe. This is a terrible time for all AMERICANS. God bless America

  55. Now I know why Marie Yovanovitch have been fired by Pres. Trump. Her 33 years career in Foreign Service could have been saved if not for her misguided "higher loyalty". So sad really, but s..t happens.

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